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FlexDSi edge


flexDSi Edge provides a full suite of electronic health record management options for small to mid-size organizations. 
flexDSi Edge is easy to use and easy to maintain. Because it's web-based, flexDSi Edge is functional on mobile devices.

​Always secure, flexDSi Edge provides you with real-time data collection for client management, client, student or patient input, accountability reporting, or customer billing. (more)


The  solution

Many organizations use written files to manage client records and forms, leading to information gaps and duplication. Electronic records maintain digital files in a secure and affordable way.

Flex Data Solutions can have you up and running with a customized data management system, in three hours.    Installation is simple and is managed with the support of the Flex Data DSi team.

Flex Data Solutions Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive data management answers for a broad range of treatment and service environments, to meet customers' needs.


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