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Customized solutions tailored to your company's exact specifications at a cost you can afford!

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Flex Data Solutions Inc specializes in providing comprehensive data system solutions for a broad range of treatment/service delivery environments. Each Solution provided is customized to the customer's needs and as a result is unique to their organization.

Problems Experienced by Most Programs or Providers

  • Incomplete and fragmented clinical records.
  • Difficulty meeting licensing and national standards.
  • Billing and receivable lag time.
  • Medication tracking.
  • Routine and ongoing staff training to meet licensing standards.
  • Multiple Information Systems to maintain.
  • Limited or no program staff accountability.
  • Limited or no regulation compliance.
  • Quality Improvement needs.
  • Limited profits or needs to reduce cost.

Flex Digital Records Provides

  • Software and service is web based access (The system is cloud based requiring only a computer and internet access to use.)
  • Strong security for client/patient records (Security down to the individual data element is included.)
  • Low initial and ongoing cost (A reasonable installation fee and monthly subscription fee is required.)
  • Changes with the needs of the organization (The solution grows with the organization.)
  • Staff training modules to assist organizations in compliance (Routine compliance training can be provided online and automatically recorded in the staff personal record.)
  • Immediate accountability for staff (Services delivered are tracked.)
  • Quality Improvements opportunities (Know the trends and needs of customer/clients/patients.)
  • Covers the majority, if not all, organizational needs for data (Can replace and emliminate other systems.)
  • Clinical records are integrated in the system (All clinical record components are immediately available in the system.)
  • Billing and receivables are fed directly to the clinical records and service provided (Clinical documentation drives the billing eliminating billing audit problems.)

Let us demonstrate to you how a tailored customized Flex solution that you define beats an “off the shelf solution” at a cost you can afford.


Introducing Flex Digital Records™, a customizable case management solution that documents client and patient treatment processes and outcomes to ensure that funding source objectives are met. The information is recorded in real-time so you’re assured that all client and patient records are legible, accurate and timely - no more wasted time, waiting for a colleague to finish with a client file, and no more worries over duplicated data and gaps in patient information. It's a powerful and flexible software solution that is a hosted application, delivering affordable electronic case record systems to Health and Human Service organizations of all types and sizes. (more...)

What is Flex Digital Records

Flex Digital Records is unlike any software solution in the Health and Human Services Industry because it is built by industry insiders with over 50 years of combined experience.  The major complaint of those using other software applications is, “... software designers are often programmers or engineers who don’t understand our business”. (more...)

Platform Technology

The workhorse behind Flex Digital Records™ is the powerful Chameleon Platform. The Chameleon System is a development platform resulting from eight years of consulting, research, and development and is the technical foundation for the Flex Digital Records application suite.

Based on his experience designing customized case management systems, FlexDSi™ co-founder, Kent Henderson, discovered a pattern of similarities and differences and envisioned a development platform embodying the similarities and accommodating the differences. Rather than continue developing customized case management systems for each organization, Kent chose to build the development platform he envisioned. The result is The Chameleon System. Utilizing Microsoft® .NET platform, Microsoft® SQL Server® database, in conjunction with AJAX and XML technologies, resulted in the creation of Flex Digital Records™. Flex Digital Records™ is a software solution that is well suited for organizations that need a customizable solution that is affordable and easy to integrate. (more...)

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