• FlexDSi Products are referred to as “Enterprise Application Software”. What does that mean?

    Enterprise Software is a collection of integrated computer programs within a common business application, tools for modeling how the work flow and functionality of the entire organization operates and development tools for building applications unique to the business or service organization.

  • Flex states that it develops customized solutions at a cost that is affordable for even very small businesses. Customization is very expensive-how is it possible for a small business to afford a customized IT solution?

    Flex has developed some “nested options” as starter points for businesses of various sizes. Small and start Up businesses might be interested in our basic application Flex Edge™ as it can be installed at no cost or a very small cost.  Monthly subscription fees are likewise favorable to small budgets since they decrease or increase as the numbers of clients or customers expand or decrease.  This basic product is installed as a fully functional application for your industry. However, as your IT needs change, it is fully customizable at any later time in real time with no shutdown required.  In other words, a Flex Solution never become obsolete.  As your business grows, your Flex Solution grows with you.

  • Are there some basic differences in a FlexDSi Solution that sets it apart from the hundreds of others that are available?

    Yes, there are several-beginning with a basic one. As referenced in Question 1 FlexDSi products are generated as Enterprise Application Software.  Very few of the “hundreds” of applications have the developmental tools that can build applications unique to the business or organization.   All Flex Solutions are completely data driven by our web based “internet dynamic cloud” which is powered by a proprietary “engine”.  That differentiates it at the platform level from much of the static pre-packaged “one size fits all” solutions that are template driven rather than data driven.  Being data driven and, therefore, a flexible rather than a static application is the “Edge” in our product name that differentiates FlexDSi solutions from most others.

  • Is there a reason behind incorporating the term “Edge” in your products’ brand?

    1. Yes! All FlexDSi solutions are produced from an innovative enterprise software generating engine we call “The Chameleon System™.  This and being data driven and, therefore, a flexible rather than a static application constitutes an “Edge” that differentiates FlexDSi solutions from most competitive applications.
    2. Some “Edge Advantages:
      1. It avoids the “failure to fit” problem that results in such a high failure rate of software applications.
      2. FlexDSi employs a “goodness of fit” paradigm matching each organization’s IT to the organizational environment.
    • The system is dynamic enough that it can evolve with the needs of the organization without having to develop new program code to accomplish it.
    1. The products allow the addition of value added components such as a training module which allows organizations to provide in house training and training tests/quizzes to verify that staff have acquired the information all linked to their staff training record.
    2. The system is very easy to navigate and operate.
    3. Customized live dashboards are updated in real time.
    • Group Therapy notes are written once with participant notes as well. Each therapy participant receives a copy of the group note in their own clinical record.  Their record includes the full group note as well as the note regarding their own participation in the session.
    • Duplicate data entry is eliminated due to the design of the database and the way the system handles information.
    1. Email alerts can be configured to inform supervisory or others of actions needed, work completed or other needs.
  • Will a FlexDSi Solution allow importing of data from other applications we already have?

    The short answer it is possible depending on the nature of the existing applications. As a fully customizable product, FlexDSi, being totally data driven, it is likely that code could be written which would allow for the transfer of the data stored in existing applications. However, since database systems can be very different it is possible that custom resources will need to be written to successfully import the external data into Flex.

  • What do we need to be able to access the FlexDSI systems?

    The system runs in a web browser. As long as you have a reasonably responsive computer running Windows 7 or better, a business class internet connection and the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, it will run.  The system doesn’t require local servers, networks, database administrators or other traditional database support infrastructure.  All maintenance, backup and other needed database functions are provided by Flex DSI.

  • How are the FlexDSI Systems priced and how is that different from other systems?

    1. FlexDSI, depending on the version selected, requires a reasonable one time only installation fee (for Edge Plus and Edge Custom versions), a small monthly maintenance fee (which covers all of the monthly backup, system support and maintenance of the system) and a monthly active client served fee. Customers can have as many users of the system as needed without licensing fees.  The active clients fee varies depending on the number of clients served during the month which translates to the number of active client records maintained in the system.  The advantage to the customer, is that if the client census diminishes so does the monthly use fee.  Likewise, if the census increases the use fee increases.  If customers make money so does FlexDSI.
    2. Conversely, other systems often have an installation or startup fee, a monthly maintenance fee which is generally larger than Flex and they commonly require purchase of monthly licenses for each user accessing their system. The License typically costs the same amount for each user regardless of how frequently they need to access the system.  This model forces customers to think creatively about how to structure their licenses so that everyone who needs access can get it without having to buy new licenses.  It often results in license and login sharing which can create accreditation and facility licensing issues for the customer.
  • What external software gets installed on local machines?

    For the most part the only software installed on user machines is the normal operating system, the other applications the user needs and the web browser. The exception to that is if they need to use a signature pad for electronic signatures, the drivers for those devices must be loaded for the signature pads to work.

  • Since the system is web based where is the data stored/maintained - is it in the public cloud?

    1. No, FlexDSI maintains its own private cloud located in a tier 3 restricted access co-location facility which requires biometric and physical keycard authentication for physical access to the equipment. The facility is protected as well by 24/7 armed physical guards and video monitoring.
    2. The facility where all databases and applications are maintained is located in a geologically stable area which is remarkably free from environmental disasters.
    3. Each customer has their own separate database which is not comingled with other entities and as such is a stand-alone system for each.
    4. Multilayered redundant security measures protect the data and access to the data from the internet.
  • How does FlexDSI provide customer support?

    FlexDSI is very proud of its record regarding responsiveness and reliability in providing support. It is considered a team responsibility and is handled in a timely way.  Both phone service during office hours and 24/7 email support are provided.

  • Do the FlexDSI systems support use of mobile devices?

    Yes, and this support Point of Contact data entry. As long as an internet connection with the device is available and the device supports one or more of the required web browsers the devices will work with the system.  Obviously though, for data intensive screens and data entry work, larger devices like tablets are more functional.  Cell phones are often too small to be effective for routine work although there are some screens that are fairly heavily used by clinical staff while on their cell phones.

  • What is the difference between the three versions of Flex Edge products?

    In reality there is little if any difference in the ultimate capabilities of the system regardless of the version selected. The difference lies in the degree to which customization is anticipated by the organization.  Flex Edge Pro is fully operational when it is turned on and can be changed later if need be.  All other versions start with that foundation upon which a more specific customer relevant system is built.  The Flex Edge plus includes in the agreement an agreed upon number of screens and reports to be customized for the customer organization.  The Flex Edge Custom version is expected to be a ground up rebuild tailored to the specific needs of the customer organization.  Generally, a Flex Edge Custom version of Enterprise Application Software is based on a project management schedule such as those in an RFP or a Fixed Price or a Cost Reimbursement Contract.

  • Do Flex Edge Products support Voice Recognition Software?

    Yes! Dragon Naturally Speaking has been tested and functions well.