FLEX is on the move again!!

FLEX is on the move again!!

Flex Data Solutions Inc.  Is pleased to announce the release of a new version of its latest line of products.  Flex frequently releases new components, enhancements, features and bug fixes as a matter of routine.  This new release takes that approach considerably further.   The new version, built on state of the art technology is presently being rolled out to all existing customers at no cost to them.  This is Consistent with company policy that all new features which support the entire base of customers will always be provided, at no cost to our customers.

Among other things the new version includes:

  • A new look and feel even though all previous features and screens are still in their familiar places.
  • A new system shell and methods of quickly and easily navigating the system.
  • Enhanced performance and stability.
  • A new robust security system which will allow end user organizations to easily set and maintain their own access rights.
  • New reports which support quality improvement efforts.
  • Enhanced audit tracking on data entry and changes.
  • New approaches to ease the process of maintaining the system even though each customer has their own separate database.
  • Other less significant changes too numerous to mention here.

For more information or a demo contact us through the email addresses of info@flexdsi.com, mhopper@flexdsi.com or Khenderson@flexdsi.com

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