Security of your critical data is Number 1 at FlexDSi!

That is why we chose to operate our own co-location based private cloud system which houses and supports only our Data System on our equipment rather than fall in line with the common practice in the industry of leasing data center space in a less secure massive, public cloud facility.

All Flex systems and the individual customer systems are operated, maintained and managed within the secure co-location facility where FlexDSI operates. It is a facility which:

  • The entire facility is monitored from an onsite security station that is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Entry into the data center requires the use of a keycard and a biometric scanner.
  • Direct access to the servers and other hardware is protected by both a key and combination lock.
  • Provides each customer its own application and unique database which provides an added layer of protection. for their organization.
  • Encrypts all transmission from and to FlexDSI servers
  • Is contrary to most cloud based data systems where your data is commingled with others and protected only by a filter. Your Flex Edge data is never commingled with another customer’s information and to access it requires an additional layer of security that is unique to your company.
  • Provides Multiple layers of protections and redundant system components to ensure reliability.
  • Allows us to block any source requests from foreign countries trying to access or break in to data systems on our servers.
  • Sends an alarm to us at any attempt to breach the multiple layers of security needed for access.
  • Has withstood the multiple attempts (without success) of a “system hacker” who at our request and using the latest hacking tools attempted numerous times to breach our multi layered security.
  • Provides multiple backups of data and secure off premise storage of data.
  • All backups are encrypted to ensure the data cannot be compromised in the unlikely event the media is lost or stolen.


Many web based EHR’s utilize a “database containing a single dimensional data structure” co-mingling all their organization’s data on one massive series of tables with a filtering system separating each organization’s data from the others. Flex databases contain data tables which are designed so that each organization’s data is maintained separately in its own secure “data silo” and never co-mingled with the data from other user organizations. Further, each organization’s unique data storage silo is not a single dimensional set of tables, rather it is comprehensive set of related tables “nestled” in logical groupings much as a “Russian Egg” in a higher to lower order structure. This design allows a very powerful configuration for storage and retrieval of current and historical data to support quality management and research studies.

All transactions, record changes additions and edits are tracked through the comprehensive audit system. Record changes of any type are tracked through the audit system which maintains the previous information, the current information as well as when and by whom it was changed. Since no data is ever completely deleted from the system, when staff inadvertently or accidentally delete a record it can easily be restored. Flex maintains a comprehensive, multilevel security system that allows you to control or define which component can be accessed.

System administrators can allow or deny access by individual staff members, groups of staff, clients, parents/guardians or external licensing, credentialing, or accrediting officials to individual menu elements, screens or data elements, reports or other functions. Each customer site is maintained in its own database with a unique set of data tables and structure and can be optionally encrypted as needed. Data is transmitted from the private cloud to be viewed and accessed through compatible web browsers using secure encryption technology.

No data is stored on the local user’s computer which eliminates any possibility of exposing confidential data after the user logs off of the system. If users print reports local organizational policies will need to be employed and enforced to protect client data in hard copy form.

Information stored in FlexDSl’s private cloud located within a co-location facility which is protected by multi-level security both in the secure co­location service facility which uses biometrics, id card and 24/7 on site video and security officer monitoring as well as in the server enclosures and internet connections employed. Multiple internet connections involving different vendors running through redundant firewalls with comprehensive intrusion detection and IP and location blocking as needed. The system infrastructure has a record of very high reliability with 99.999% uptime and the private cloud benefits from that reliability and with exception of planned maintenance and update time enjoys the same uptime percentage.

Client data is backed up daily using multiple technologies and at least one copy of all data is stored off site on a weekly basis. All equipment in the software as a service program are supported with stable multi-source electrical power including automatic industrial grade generators and battery backups. The co-location facility is located in an area which is environmentally stable with no earth quakes, tornadoes or other natural disasters on record.